CowCow Technology

CowCow Technology RM1 Guide Rod


The RM1 Guide Rod is designed to help reduce recoil, bolt carrier speed, wear/tear on parts, shock and vibration to your optics, improve reliability and suppress bolt bounce by using two springs for recoil verses the traditional single spring. The drop-in buffer features a high density of spring that absorbs the shock from the bolt carrier. It produces significant reductions in muzzle climb and recoil and gives users more consistent performance.

Highlighted features:

  • Stainless Steel material with CNC machined
  • Drop-in 2nd spring and additional spring housing design
  • 3 different weight of recoil springs for precise calibration 
  • Combine with primary spring to soften recoil
  • Enhance the reaction force to speed up the blowback cycle
  • Available in Black, Silver, and Gold

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