CowCow Technology

CowCow Technology Competition Rubber Recoil Buffer / Short Stroke Kit for TM Hi-Capa / 1911 Pistols


CowCow Competition Recoil Buffer Pack

The CowCow Competition Recoil Buffers help to increase your guns longevity. The different colors are different densities depending on your build. Not only will these increase the durability of your gun, but they can also be used to increase the fire rate substantially. “Short Stroking” is when multiples of these buffers and washers are applied to the recoil rod. Effectively reducing the distance your gun needs to cycle.  Unfortunately, your slide won't lock anymore when short stroking. But the increase in your cycle rate more than makes up for it. These buffers are also used to soften the effect high-pressure gas has on your gel blaster.


  • Multiple Densities
  • Includes metal washers for more precise applications
  • Oil resistant material



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